Test Manager at Roche Diagnostics International Ltd.

Meet Yves Schneider

Yves Schneider has known the ghrgroup since its formation in 2000. At that time, André van Sprundel was looking for an employee for a system construction, unfortunately, nothing arose at that time, nevertheless, Yves Schneider remained in regular and friendly contact with the ghrgroup.
The qualified electrician has been freelancing for 30 years and has used the services of the ghrgroup in his search for jobs for 14 years. As a trained coach, he helps people to find their and build on their strengths and self-motivation, as well helping young people to overcome their fears of impending exams. By playing golf or enjoying an opera, he always finds energy and peace for the professional challenges.

Since 2007, Yves Schneider has been active as a test manager at Roche Diagnostics International Ltd. in Rotkreuz. Roche Diagnostics International Ltd. is a leading research-focused healthcare company, specializing in the fields of pharmaceuticals and diagnostics.
Yves Schneider's main activities include testing software and accompanying instruments and consumables (disposable products). Yves and his team deal with „Amplilink” and related instruments every day. „Amplilink” is a piece of software which provides a flexible and integrated solution with automated real-time PCR analysis for important molecular tests (HIV, HCV, HBV, WNV, etc.). The PCR method (polymerase chain reaction) is applied to virological investigations. By using this method, blood samples are analysed for the presence and frequency of known viruses (HIV). The principle of the PCR method is very simple in principle. As one can infer from the name, it all revolves around a chain reaction. Those present in the test sample DNA molecules (strings) can be split and propagated. Via virus-specific receptors, fluorescent enzymes are docked and duplicated millions of times. Following this, the intensity and the wavelength (color) of the fluorescent enzyme is measured photographically. A possible occurrence, as well as intensity, gives information about the presence of the appropriate viruses. Measuring the intensity gives the doctor information as to whether his chosen therapy is responsive, i.e. whether the viruses multiply or decrease.

Yves' department is strongly incorporated into Project Management and requires a structured organization. There are numerous requirements which depend on user needs, system time sequences, the steps to be undertaken, state authority requirements (USA, Japan, Switzerland, EU etc.) as well as data protection and security.
Together with technical knowledge, it is important to always work with consideration and care, this applies to compiling accurate and comprehensible documentation recording all accomplished steps and the result achieved.
All devices like the required auxiliary aids are operated in a clinical laboratory environment and must at all times be safe and functional.
According to Yves Schneider, there will always be challenges which need to be addressed and resolved pragmatically. It is important to perform work both reliably and conscientiously. This means taking responsibility and being aware that public health may be affected.
One of the biggest challenges is, in particular, tight time management whilst not neglecting safety and quality standards when working under time pressure.

What makes collaboration with the ghrgroup particularly attractive is each employee’s friendly, open and honest manner. Yves Shneider appreciates very much that if they are in difficulty, they can always engage in dialogue with competent persons.
It is the joint work between internal and external employees which Yves feels is particularly pleasant, as the way the employees treat each other is very considerate. Yves has a friendly way of interacting with other GHR members.
Yves Schneider considered it a very good idea that the ghrgroup should deal increasingly with further education and advancement of its members. Here, you should first consider how you can use your acquired knowledge and your own strengths most efficiently with the customer within the ghrgroup. Here the ghrgroup could make a definite contribution by, for example, supporting goal-setting and training planning as well as possible cost sharing.
Yves Schneider recommends the ghrgroup to his friends and relatives all the time.

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