SLA Specialist at the Federal Office of Information Technology, Systems and Telecommunication (FOITT)

Lerne Stefan Büttiker kennen.

First Contact
Stefan Büttiker has been an independent contractor with the company getroi Consulting GmbH since 2010. The ghr group plays an important role in Stefan's professional life because he has been acting as one of its sales channels since the start of his independent career.

His project
The last deal brokered by the ghrgoup was launched in August-2013. Stefan joined Federal Office of Information Technology, Systems and Telecommunication (FOITT), where he worked as SLA Specialist in a sub-project within the "OnBIT" project. After conducting a detailed inventory within the existing functions and comparing them with the requirements of "OnBIT" it became clear that - for the desired changes to be incorporated sustainably - not only is an adaptation of the existing SLAs necessary, but a Service Level Management must also be constructed. This resulted in 5 sub-projects, which were completed by HERMES.

His Challenges and Opportunities
After the planned adjustments and approach were adopted, it was found that Stefan, who had originally been scheduled to work as Service Level Manager Specialist, had much more comprehensive and specific knowledge than required for SLA. In close cooperation with the SLM manager and corresponding SLM managers of the five subprojects, Stefan successfully led the achievement of the three TPs. These included the establishment of Service Level Architecture, SLA architecture and drafting the corresponding SLM processes the transfer of which was successfully implemented with the help of a dedicated team. 

I am very impressed with how agile the FOITT was and how they implemented the modern approaches“.

The definition of service level management processes and their operationalization involve very exciting, instructive and challenging activities.

Mutual dependencies increase the complexity of the sub-projects. The FOITT is very good at implementing and incorporating coordinated solutions in the federal administration“.

Service Level Management at FOITT is based in an environment where operational, normative, legal and political factors play an important role. Solutions are not always easy to find. For important decisions, much coordination effort was required, as the execution of the decision could result in significant input.

The Service Level Management of FOITT was built to position it as an important interface between the customer and FOITT. However, its execution turned out to be very complex. On the one hand, important fundamental decisions affecting the SLM were made during the course of the project, while on the other hand continuous accounting changes had to be implemented during the project. These interdependencies aggravated the otherwise simple task. To safely complete the projects, a structured project approach was mapped with HERMES in which perseverance and good communication played an important part.

„Every challenge has to be specially solved. The art is to recognize it and accept the solution. It is fun to get involved in a variety of situations.“

Stefan's strengths lie in quickly recognizing dependency in relationships. He prefers activities in a complex environment, where appropriate complications arise. He is at his best while facing challenges and is committed to finding sustainable solutions that provide added value to the customer, even if they are partially unconventional.
He finds slipping into a variety of roles particularly exciting, which also requires a strategic as well as tactical approach to a certain extent. He knows what it means to communicate at different levels and how to choose the appropriate level.

Cooperation between internal and external staff
When Stefan was first tested for competence, he was neither caught off guard nor amazed. It is quite obvious to him that an external employee must show only what he's got. An external employee can prove his skills with targeted and efficient cooperation?
In his view, it is important to know your own limits and not to pretend. This makes it possible to accept other expert opinions and integrate the same. This fosters good solutions.

Stefan on the ghrgroup
It took a while until the first placement mandate, but Stefan felt extremely positive during collaboration with the ghrgroup since the very beginning. The proactive contact and frequent requests that were answered earned him respect and got him accustomed to the necessary activity in the background, what he desired from a brokerage firm.

Stefan meets other GHR-Members sporadically, either at the events or even in the same project.

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