QA specialist at Roche Diagnostics International Ltd.

Meet Hermann Arber

Hermann Arber has been using the services of ghrgroup for about a year. Hermann has been working as a freelance consultant since October 2013 and would like to launch his own business this month. He is currently active in a project at Roche Diagnostics International Ltd.. Roche Diagnostics International Ltd. is a leading supplier of diagnostic system solutions for medical practises and laboratories around the world. The project will run for some time, as it relates to the transfer of production operations from Graz, Austria to Rotkreuz in Zug, Switzerland.

His Tasks in the Project
Currently, Hermann is working as a QA specialist refining the sensors in the sensor operations QA department at Roche. He is responsible for approving production batches of thick-film sensors for blood gases analysis in the POC (Point-of-Care) system. His responsibilities include quality assurance and approval of process documents, preparing risk analyses and preparing various internal training sessions. Every day, Hermann keeps an eye on process and product approvals. Regular process documentation checks allows him to ascertain whether employees have complied with procedures and completed their work correctly. Numerous requirements based on the steps, time frames and the regulations must be met.
A failure to comply with these regulations can result in having to discard product. For example, there are parts that need to be glued together during the manufacturing process. If the glue is not made properly, the parts might still stick together, but their useful life will be severely limited. Hermann believe it is important to take responsibility and be conscious of how a non-compliant product can endanger a person's health.
He especially enjoys taking on specific tasks that require extra motivation. Hermann feels fulfilled in his work as the author of training manuals for GMP standards, being responsible for various training sessions and being able to pass on his knowledge to colleagues.

"I like to give input on how to approach a task properly."

Point-of-Care (POC) system
In medicine, the concept of the point-of-care system for diagnostic tests refers to those that not performed directly in the laboratory, but instead in hospital or at the doctor's practise. Blood gas analysis is one of most widespread forms of decentralized diagnosis in hospitals. Such POC analyses bring certain advantages. They allow medical professionals to receive the lab results within a few minutes so that they can spend more time on individual patient care.

Hermann sees the biggest challenge in that some staff do not realise that even a tiny error, which might not seem serious at first glance, can affect everything. Hermann would like to remind each employee of their responsibility towards the clients and patients. Every employee needs to be highly conscientious and reliable in his or her work. This includes regular checks in the laboratory and production environments to ensure that every device is secure and functional at all times. 

Collaboration between internal and external staff
Collaboration between internal and external staff is straightforward as Hermann observes people treating each other fairly. However, he believes that external employees tend to approach others.

Hermann about ghrgroup
There's nothing standing in the way of achieving his big dream of starting his own company. Thanks to the ghrgroup, Hermann can fully concentrate on the Roche project and put his knowledge to use while continuing to expand his expertise. He can always rely on the ghrgroup for any issues or concerns that might arise.

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