Overall Project Manager at the Federal Office of Information Technology, Systems and Telecommunication (FOITT)

Meet Ylber Sadikaj

About a year ago, Ylber Sadikaj decided to start working as a freelancer. Previously, he worked as a business consultant in Germany after many years in IT operations. In recent years, he specialised in project and process management. He chose to become a freelancer seeking greater work autonomy and flexibility. He is actively supported in this respect by ghrgroup.

Current project
Since November 2013, Ylber has been engaged as overall project manager at the Federal Office of Information Technology, Systems and Telecommunication (FOITT) in Bern.

"I find it very interesting to lead a project whose uncommon goal is implementing a Federal Council resolution."

His current project (consisting of four sub-projects) aims to ensure data security within the Federal Administration.
The diversity of the project makes it very exciting. In addition to infrastructure provision and software customisation, the project includes the capture and description of business roles and associated permissions, design of a service with defined qualities, construction of the operating and support organisation, and implementation of the necessary processes.
The project, which is integrated in the "Project Manager Pool (PLP)" section, encompasses tasks ranging from requirements gathering to solution marketing. The project is managed using HERMES, a project management method designed for the following domains: IT, service and product development, and business organisation transformation. HERMES supports the control, management and execution of projects of varying complexity and characteristics. Ylber is responsible for resource scheduling and the cost and quality-oriented service provision. He is the first point of contact for evaluating project ideas concerning feasibility, risks, and success factors. His project remit also includes activity tracking, status report production, customer coordination, project presentation to various committees, as well as administrative tasks (e.g., approval of working hours) connected to his daily activities.
He takes particular pleasure in developing different solution sets and finds working together with different people highly enjoyable.
As in other projects, this one is not without disagreements. Addressing everyday's problems mainly calls for personnel and technical project management. There is an art to understanding the dynamics of a team and attaining its optimum performance. This is something Ylber has certainly mastered. In his regular status meetings with his team, he always sets clear rule and deems it important for individual team members to enjoy and commit to their work. Ylber sees rules as success factors that bring the team together and encourage team spirit.

"Errors will be made and delays can occur. Their timely communication is of the essence. Communication and transparency play a decisive role in project success."

Ylber on ghrgroup
Ghrgroup exceeds his expectations on a technical and human level, which explains his preference and recommendation for ghrgroup. He believes that regular meetings and phone calls with André (CEO) help maintain the personal relationship with each individual member and should be a high priority. Furthermore, Ylber greatly appreciates the consistent openness of ghrgroup to his concerns. He has felt well cared for and supported from the very first day. Whether in future projects or for a simple apartment search, Ylber can fully concentrate on his work thanks to ghrgroup.
Ylber responded with a joyful smile to the question of whether ghrgroup should include training opportunities for candidates. He knows numerous companies that offer services similar to ghrgroup, but considers that none of them provides candidates with comparable support during the project or offers similar development options. For him, it was somewhat unexpected that the agency paid for a training course required for a future project. "This creates a certain loyalty", said Ylber.

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