IT Solutions & Infrastructure Architect at Roche Diagnostics International Ltd.

Meet Steven Gurtner

Having completed his studies in Business Administration, Steven Gurtner decided to pursue freelance IT activities and his professional services have been procured by the ghrgroup since the year 2011.
One of the main reasons why he has opted for the ghrgroup, is the wide spectrum of professional experience options that is offered to him through the cooperation with the group. Owing to excellent networking and good implementation of IT systems, the concept continues to capture his interest. He also appreciates the partnership nature of the ghrgroup, as whenever he encounters any questions or doubts, he always has a contact person at his disposal to offer him the necessary assistance.
Currently, Steven Gurtner is offering support and consultancy services to different business departments at Roche Diagnostics International Ltd in all IT-related matters. He is responsible for the planning, construction, project support and lifecycle management of the individual solutions. This also entails the infrastructure architecture on the site, different system applications, the observation of laboratory and production environments, monitoring of various systems as well as supervision, modification and expansion of the networks at the company head quarters.
The day-to-day professional routine of his department is continually evolving.  There is always the possibility that a system no longer functions properly for some inexplicable reason or the network is down. In such an instance, it is crucial to be able to keep a cool head and work in coordination with other employees, so as to rectify the error as quickly as possible and without triggering any further problems. The challenging activities that Steven Gurtner undertakes with particular eagerness include crafting of new solutions and consulting business professionals in order to meet market needs as efficiently as possible. However, in order to get recognised in a large organisation, an IT employee must learn how to assert oneself and remain persevering. The greatest challenge for him has been to deal with the decisions precipitated by the management. It may happen that you would have followed a different path in order to resolve an issue.
However, Steven Gurtner does not believe in the stereotypical view that a cooperation between  external and internal employees could engender problems.  He perceives the cooperation model as excellent and, furthermore, he very much appreciates it that at all times whenever he would volunteer his own opinion, he was always heard and his ideas met with serious consideration. He successfully manages to maintain professional contact with the internal employees as well as the GHR Members.
To conclude, Steven Gurtner would greatly appreciate it if the ghrgroup could offer more developments in the project area, as this would present him with the opportunity to practically implement the theoretical knowledge he has obtained during the course of his studies. The ghrgroup could contribute thereby to some extent - for instance by means of planning and cost sharing. He would most definitely recommend the ghrgroup to his friends and acquaintances!

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