With one click you can see the vacancy list and you can add your preferred projects as favorite. You can always see the status of vacancies, which is either green or orange. Are you interested in a vacancy, click „Interesse am Auftrag“. You will see a form where you can deposit your contact details and a personal statement. Once you have sent the data, within a few hours someone of our back office will call you or you will receive an e-mail. You can then send your CV so that we can consider you for the selection of the current inquiry process including telephone interview. If we already know you, you will receive a confirmation and you will be automatically entered in the process.

Meaning of the colored buttons :

Green: "We are going to edit the offer, which means that we are in the middle of the selection and preparation of Inquiry tax. "

Orange: "We have submitted the offer and may vary according to customer resubmit still candidates."


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